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Get all our marketing, managed website and online ordering no matter how small or big your restaurant. Our plans grow with you.

half serve

Starter Plan

$0 to $2,000 in online orders per month

(up to 500 email customers/subscribers)

+ ALL marketing

$6.66 / Day

($200 billed monthly + GST)

full serve

Growing Restaurant Plan

$2,001 to $4,000 in online orders per month

(up to 1000 email customers/subscribers)

+ ALL Marketing

$10 / Day

($300 billed monthly + GST)

double serve

Established Eatery Plan

Unlimited ($4,001+) online orders per month

(up to 2500 email customers/subscribers)

+ ALL Marketing

$16.66 / Day

($500 billed monthly + GST)

Everything included for every Thai restaurant.

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    Your own unique website

    Not some generic landing page, but one your restaurant deserves.

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    Your own online ordering system

    No commissions ever. One of the best online systems that we're continuously improving to make better.

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    An online dine in reservation/booking form

    Without the need for external table booking services (with more fees).

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    Email marketing

    Increase the life time value of your customers and grow their loyalty so they order from you more often with our email marketing platform, monthly email promotion and automated loyalty emails.

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    Monthly branded promotional brochure/online banners

    That you can use for specials, Mother's day, Christmas etc (1, 2 and 4 included in the plans above)

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    Branding and promotional content to launch your new online presence

    We put together graphics for you to place up in your restaurant to encourage email signups and online ordering and loyalty.

  • PLUS Coming Soon!

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    Digital Customer Loyalty Program

  • Optional (Add On)

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    Daily social media management

    We post everyday to your Facebook & Instagram accounts. ($149 per month.)

  • And....

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    Done for you updates

    We'll update your website and email content for you. But you'll have access to do it yourself through our web, email and social media platform.

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    Email & chat support

    Get help when you need it. We'll call you if it's urgent.

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    One on one training

    Either in your restaurant or via video depending on your location to help get you started.

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    Access to your website and social media tools if you want.

    Make quick changes or upload a new photo or video and share it quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my monthly orders decrease?

We drop your plan based on the previous months total orders. For example. If this month you had $2,700 in online orders you'll pay the $300, Growing restaurant plan). If next month you only had $1,300 in total orders, you'll only pay the starter plan of $200 for that month. This way, as your income fluctuates we help ensure that you still have access to our marketing, website and online ordering to help you pick back up and overcome any slow periods (which we understand happens).

What is my own unique website?

We build and host a website created just for your restaurant. No cookie-cutter generic template that every restaurant has. One created to highlight the feel, ambiance, service and food that your restaurant provides. And matches your brand.

What is your own online ordering?

We think we have one of the best online ordering systems available. We're working hard to continuously improve it so that it's better for you to manage orders and for customers to place orders. We asked over 100 customers in one of the restaurants using the platform and they loved the ease of use.

If you'd like a demo, we're happy to show you a demo of our online ordering system or send you a link of a live restaurant using it, including the admin management and customer facing side. (We're currently able to demo in your restaurant in Melbourne. Outside Melbourne we can show you over live video chat (ie Skype/Line).

What do I get to promote my online ordering?

When you launch your restaurant we provide you with a range of promotional material you can use in your restaurant to tell all your customers that it's not available. This includes both digital content (ie for your social media accounts) and physical posters and table cards. 

Do I have to do anything myself?

Our service is completely done for you. So you don't have to do a thing (except deal with more customers).

The only work you need to do is provide us your monthly promotions (for your promotional material), photos of your food (or we can organise to have this done through local partners - location dependent) and any other material that can help us promote your restaurant online (we'll give you some ideas). 

What is the daily social media?

We create and post, 1 post on Facebook and Instagram per day for your restaurant. This includes your dishes, feedback, reviews, and other community engaging content designed to get your followers to think about your restaurant more frequently (and thus increase the chances of them ordering from you more often). 

What does the email marketing do?

Email marketing is the number one way to increase customer loyalty and how often your customers order takeaway or dine in with you. We use email marketing to intelligently get your existing customers to eat more of your food. This is a combination of automated emails (called marketing automation) and monthly specials (which you provide to us). 

What promotional material can we do each month?

Each month you can provide us your 1, 2 or 4 promotions to create digital banners or printable material that you can use in your restaurant. For example, running a Mother's Day promotion? We'll put together the promotion for you. Put it up on your website and social media. All you'll need to do is print it out for use in your restaurant.

Is there a guarantee?

We're so sure you're going to love the service we're offering you, that if for whatever reason you don't within the first 30 days, we'll cancel your service and refund you the service fee you've paid. The only thing we ask, is that you let us know what we could have done better to keep you around. 

How are you different to other online ordering/website/marketing services?

Good question! For one, there is no other service that offers what we do in a simple monthly fee. Two, other services can charge up to $150 per month (or more) just for online ordering, but don't include anything to help you get more orders or more dine in bookings (or might charge you hundreds/thousands per month extra). 

All our packages, regardless of the size of your restaurant, include all our marketing services. We've put together our packages with marketing in mind first and then added on the online ordering, website and online dine in bookings so that the marketing works to help you sell more food. 

Simply having online ordering doesn't help if very few people ever see it. 

Do you really understand Thai culture, food and Thai restaurants and marketing!?

We sure do! One of our founders has been a marketing consultant for over 6 years, running marketing campaigns for a range of businesses. The other founder is Thai and has been managing the front of house of a Thai restaurant in Melbourne for the last few years. She also helped grow the restaurant when the current owners took it over from a not so great experience to one that has genuine customer loyalty and grown substantially. All by ensuring exceptional service matches their high quality food. We'll be expanding to provide training programs for Thai restaurants front of house teams in the future. 

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