Sell More Thai Food, Make More Money & Grow Your Restaurant

With our done for you marketing and online ordering service that helps get your customers, eating your Thai food, more often.

Thai Online Ordering
Thai Restaurant Website

Start with a unique website that reflects you.

Most new customers will look at your website before deciding to dine with you. Making sure you give them the right impression that reflects your food quality and service is important. 

Add online ordering that's easy to use.

For both your customers and your staff. Stop trying to take orders over the phone and give your customers an easy way to order from you. One they love and are used to.

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Use Social Media Marketing to increase your customer value.

Promote your food and Thai culture on social media to always have your customers thinking about you. 

Increase online orders, dine in bookings and continue to build a relationship with your customers outside your restaurant.

Grow your restaurant through long term customer loyalty.

Don't lose profit to commission based online ordering. By building up a loyal customer following that orders direct from you and engages with you through your marketing, you'll see more profit flowing into your restaurant.

Revenue expenses

It's online ordering and marketing that helps you sell more Thai Food.

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The Marketing You Need

From posters, table cards and social banners to launch your new online ordering, to social media marketing, advertising and email marketing. 

We'll help you run promotions to get more people eating your Thai food.


No High Commissions

You know what sucks a bit? Huge commissions from online food apps. That's a lot of lost profit that you could use in your restaurant. 

Keep more profit for your business and yourself with our much lower fees.

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Payment In Your Bank Sooner

You need cashflow and the last thing you need is to wait up to a week to see the money from your online ordering. 

Offer pay on pickup and payment online using Stripe and see your cash from your sales in your bank sooner.


Use Social Media To Sell More Food

Social media is everything and your customers use it everyday. You need to be using it too to remind them that your delicious Thai food needs to be eaten. 

By sharing Thai culture, food & your promotions on Facebook & Instagram, you can increase the value of your customers by getting them to order and dine with you more often.

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You Own Your Customers

As the saying goes, invest a little and get a lot. Build customer loyalty through your own website, online ordering and social media so that your customers are loyal to you. Not some food app company. When your customers get used to ordering direct, you'll worry less about losing them to another restaurant. 

King done for you

Everything Done For You

Running your Thai restaurant is hard. You're busy, there's a lot to do. Which is exactly why we've put this all together. 

You can have it all without having to find the time to work it out and then manage it each week. 

No matter what you need updated or done, we''ll take care of it. You just get those orders out. =)

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